"Center Mass" by Bill Kinney
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"Center Mass" by Bill Kinney

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Bill Nash, aka "The Storekeeper", is a happily married man and a retail store manager, but his rock-steady world is turned on its side when he and his family just happen to become embroiled in a world-wide plot and a brutal murder, threatening everyone they love.  Most people would get the shakes and slink away, but the Nashes aren't most people.  They rise to the occasion with gusto, and the battle is on as they charge headlong into the danger, regardless of the consequences.

Center Mass is the first of a trilogy featuring Bill Nash -- the not-so-mild-mannered manager/trainer/hitman who does what Dirty Harry only wishes he could do.  Exhilarating and fast-paced, this book pulls the curtain open to reveal the gritty reality of crime and crime fighters, allowing the reader a peek at how cops would react were they not governed by strict rules and regulations.  It's a teriffic read, with endearing characters you'll be rooting for -- start to finish.

Large format paperback. 392 pages.

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